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Opinion: These are the healthcare changes we need

The Trump administration and Congress must rethink their approach to providing social welfare support for all Americans. Programs need to adapt to changing times.

Liberals suggest we need socialized medicine and a single payer system. Republicans lack a coherent/thoughtful alternative

Meanwhile, the long-term financial condition of Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare is unsustainable, as federal expenditures rise at an alarming pace…

Opinion: All government assistance should come with a work requirement

Gov. Tom Wolf is reportedly set to veto a bill developed and passed by the Pennsylvania House and Senate which would require all able-bodied Medicaid recipients to seek work.

If true, the governor’s decision is shortsighted and wrong on several levels, as is a recent PennLive/Patriot-News editorial in favor of the governor’s position. 

Tax reform: A time for serious, bold change

President Trump: Tax and Spending Reform, A Moment for Serious, Responsible and Bold Change I find the tax reform plans of the Republican Party confusing. As a financially responsible person and former business executive, I don’t understand a major federal tax overhaul plan that isn’t also tied to comprehensive reform of government expenditures. Total federal debt is now over $20 trillion and growing at an alarming rate, which approaches $70,000 per American. Serious people live within their means and analyze their earnings and savings, together with their expenditures, to include debt payments….

John Baer: There’s a new GOP candidate looking to take on Sen. Casey

 Paul Addis fits mostly in the mold of today’s political upstart: wealthy, successful in business, first-time candidate convinced disenchantment with government and politicians offers opportunity for a new class of officeholder.

But the self-described “traditional conservative who believes the least fortunate need to be helped” is far from the mold of our current top example of political upstart, President Trump…

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