Paul Addis

Republican for U.S. Senate

It’s time for a thoughtful, conservative approach to disrupting the status quo in Washington.

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Welcome to my Republican campaign for U.S. Senate here in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a conventional GOP candidate, you are in the wrong place.

I am an imaginative conservative, upset by the GOP’s inability to innovate and set a responsible course. As a citizen and a patriot, I want our government to work better and harder for all of us, for my kids and yours. As a candidate, I will ask difficult questions and develop thoughtful and workable solutions.

I have been a businessman for over 30 years.  I began working in high school, first at McDonald’s and then as a janitor at Macy’s, to help my parents pay for my college education.  Throughout college, I worked every semester and every summer.  After many years, I became a senior executive and then a CEO.  My career was built on a willingness to work hard and challenge conventional thinking to find a more effective way forward — I am a change agent.  Isn’t that the type of person we need in the U.S. Senate now?

If elected, I will work to develop a comprehensive and affordable plan to reform our government.  I will work across the aisle, if needed, to get things done.  And if necessary, I will stand up to Republican leaders in Congress, or the President, when I believe they’re wrong.

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